COVID-19 Update


March 23, 2020


Hi. We seem to be on the upslope in Coronavirus in Atlanta over the past week. After careful consideration and in abundance of caution we have decided to stop our in-person office visits for anything less than urgent issues. This includes holding off on injectable fillers and Botox for now. We will be conducting complimentary virtual office visits live with Dr. Abramson. It is easy to use- we just send you a text or email, then you hit the link and we communicate over your computer or mobile device of your choice. Phoebee, Brandii and/or Baylei will be available during office hours by phone 404-297-1789 or 404-297-6108. or email:

For any emergencies after hours on-call doctor is available through 404-297-4230.

We will have updates next week. Please follow us on twitter @facedoctor for daily updates.

Please stay safe.

Dr. Abramson