facial cosmetic surgery

Facial Cosmetic Surgery & Facial Plastic Surgery – What’s the Difference

Facial Plastic Surgery and Facial Cosmetic Surgery are Not the Same Unlike facial cosmetic surgery, the facial plastic surgeon focuses on repairing and reconstructing abnormal structures of the face and body. These could be due to birth defects, accidents, burns, developmental abnormalities, cancerous tumors, and infections. Cosmetic Surgeon A cosmetic surgeon does cosmetic surgery procedures…

Open or Closed rhinoplasty procedure

Open or Closed Rhinoplasty Surgery – Which Will You Have?

What is the difference Between Open or Closed Rhinoplasty Surgery? Peter Abramson M.D. is an expert in both open and closed rhinoplasty techniques. Dr. Abramson stresses the importance of correcting existing nasal airway obstruction while delivering excellent cosmetic improvements. The main goal is to make the nose symmetrical and make a person’s nose proportional to…

Societe skin care products

Societe Skin Care Products Are Animal Cruelty Free

The cruelty-free medical-grade Société skin care products that we sell at Abramson Facial Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GA., contain active ingredients that have been clinically proven to have a positive effect on skin. This cosmeceutical line contains ingredients that have the capability of penetrating below the top layers of the skin, unlike cosmetic skin care lines.…


3 things you should look for in a Rhinoplasty Surgeon

The structure of the nose significantly affects both appearance and respiration. This is what makes surgical procedures to reshape the nose, referred to as nose jobs or rhinoplasty, among the most common elective surgeries. Although frequently performed, rhinoplasty is a challenging procedure. Up to 20% of rhinoplasties are corrections of prior procedures, a testament to the importance of choosing…