Below you will find some of Peter Abramson, M.D.’s patients and their t rhinoplasty photos. When you come into the office for your consultation you can view even more teenage rhinoplasty photos.

Many teenagers and young adults consider undergoing rhinoplasty. A common procedure, rhinoplasty can be performed to correct a nose that has been misshaped due to injury or simply to create a better balance among other facial features.

At Abramson, we see a large number of teenage patients who wish to make cosmetic changes to their noses. While there is no specific age requirement for rhinoplasty, it is important that patients be both physically and emotionally mature before they undergo the procedure.

Dr. Abramson performs an extensive consultation with each patient to determine whether he or she is a candidate for rhinoplasty. An open dialog among the patient, parent(s), and Dr. Abramson is a vital part of the process as Dr. Abramson wants to ensure that a patient’s motivations and expectation for rhinoplasty surgery are in agreement.

If you’re a teenager (or the parent of one) who is considering teenage rhinoplasty, call (404) 297-1789 to schedule a consultation. If you’re a teenager who would like to talk to another teenager about his or her experience with rhinoplasty, we can arrange that also.

When you come into the office for your consultation you can view even more teenage rhinoplasty photos.  For information about the rhinoplasty cosmetic procedure click here.


The teenage rhinoplasty procedure is extremely effective at addressing certain health issues, from sports injuries to congenital defects that cause pain and respiratory problems. With careful deliberation, a teenage nose job can dramatically improve a young person’s quality of life. The nose is the center of the face and takes up a lot of real estate. As a teenager is finally transitioning to adulthood, a large or imbalanced nose can really take away from the rest of the facial harmony and from a teenager’s self-esteem.


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