Dr. Abramson answers frequently asked questions about the first week after Rhinoplasty:
1. When can you leave the house?
2. How can you minimize discomfort while sleeping?

“One of the most common questions we get asked is, when can I resume normal physical activities, such as exercising and getting outside of our house. Patients tend to get a little cabin fever if they stay inside for the full week after Rhinoplasty. I have no problem with my patients getting out there and a common place to go is to a movie theater where they may not run into their friends and they can sit in the back and watch a movie and be entertained, and get out of the house. The other thing that sometimes is difficult in the postoperative period is some nasal airway obstruction. As you can imagine having surgery that involves the inside of the nose does create some swelling that can give some nasal airway obstruction. Where that is more often than not felt is during sleep. So, mouth can get dry, and sometimes it’s a little difficult to sleep. So, we always have some recommendations for the patients postoperatively, particularly reviewed in our postoperative session, such as: keeping a glass of water by the side of the bed, keeping some ice chips, or a humidifier in the room.”

Dr. Abramson performs Rhinoplasty procedures in his own surgical suite in Atlanta, GA, a convenient drive for those in Buckhead, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Marietta, Roswell, Alpharetta and beyond.