Abramson Facial Plastic Surgery offers a variety of laser treatments designed to erase and improve the signs of aging due to sun exposure, acne, aging and more. In an effort to provide our patients with the most advance services, Abramson Facial Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center offers a number of laser services. By utilizing lasers, Dr. Abramson can provide the most cutting-edge cosmetic treatments for those in the Atlanta area. In addition, Abramson Facial Plastic Surgery offers a variety of medical grade skin care and cosmetic products to keep skin supple and healthy. Learn more+

Candidates for Laser Treatment

  • Skin abnormalities: port wine stains, hemangiomas, cherry angioma, rosacea, warts, scars and keloids
  • Effects of aging: ruddy complexion, sagging neck and/or face, age spots, sunspots, discoloration, moderate to severe wrinkles, textural irregularities, lip lines, facial veins (red and blue), venous lake (purple lesions on lips).
  • Diffuse redness of the face and neck skin
  • Sebaceous hyperplasia (dilated oil glands)
  • Freckles
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Large pores
  • Acne

Types of Procedures

Prior to any procedure, Dr. Abramson consults with patients to determine which laser treatment is appropriate.

The number of sessions depends on various parameters, including the size, thickness and color of the vascular lesion. One treatment can significantly improve superficial vascular lesions such as small spider veins and diffused redness. For all others, optimal results are normally seen following 4 to 6 treatments. Dr. Abramson will determine a treatment course during the initial consultation.

Before and After the Procedure

Patients will need to remove make-up or moisturizers and, in some cases, the area to be treated may need to be shaved. Gel, anesthetic or ice is not required for this treatment and there are no long-term side effects or downtime.

Abramson Facial Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center uses innovative, state-of-the-art techniques and instruments to perform a variety of aesthetic procedures for patients throughout the Metro Atlanta, GA area including Gainesville, Carrollton, Norcross, Alpharetta, Roswell and Johns Creek. Call (404) 297-1789 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Abramson to determine which laser treatment is best for you!