Millennials are having cosmetic procedures at an earlier age than ever before. A study by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) recently uncovered millennial’s growing interest in cosmetic procedures. In the age of technology and selfies, 72 percent of facial plastic surgeons have noticed an increase of patients under 30 years old, according to the AAFPRS study. It seems that young adults everywhere have decided to take preventative measures before the crow’s feet set in.

Peter Abramson, M.D., at Abramson Facial Plastic Surgery Center in Atlanta, agrees that he is seeing a larger number of new patients in their 20’s. For the most part, they are interested in keeping young looking by using non-invasive treatments, such as Botox, facial fillers, chemical peels and facials. Early treatments allow patients to avoid signs of aging, with modern techniques that offer subtle yet effective outcomes. This younger generation is able to indulge in some ‘facial tune-ups’ before the first wrinkle ever sets in.

Most Popular Cosmetic Treatments for Youthful 20’s

Millennials are having cosmetic procedures at an earlier age

24% Increase in Cosmetic Surgeries & Injectables by Millennials

The AAFRPS recently conducted a separate study about the growing rates of cosmetic procedures since 2013. The study revealed a 24 percent increase in cosmetic surgeries and injectables associated with patients under 30 years old.

Another factor motivating 20-somethings to start opting for cosmetic improvements is the popularity of social media and selfies. With the influence of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, young women are inspired to look their best, especially when posting on Instagram, Facebook and other social media outlooks.

Additionally, young women no longer feel that they need to hide any cosmetic work they receive. Plastic surgery used to be seen as something only the very wealthy and Hollywood elites would obtain. Today, the situation is extremely different. There has been a shift in the public’s perception of plastic surgery as well as the various reasons individuals choose to have work done. The majority of plastic surgery procedures today are intended to enhance the natural appearance of anyone in any profession. As well, non-surgical treatments such as injectable fillers and Botox are becoming increasingly popular due to the brief time needed for the procedure as well as having little or no downtime.

While Millennials are having cosmetic procedures in their twenties and thirties, Dr. Abramson takes a very conservative approach to treating young patients. The desire to look picture perfect in today’s camera culture tend to fuel this mindset. He explains that the objective of perfection or emulating the appearance of a celebrity may not be desirable given the patient’s facial structure. Dr. Abramson’s goal is a realistic, natural looking outcome. Therefore, he thoroughly discusses all aspects of potential cosmetic procedures.