Are you preparing for college and feeling self-conscious about your ears? If so, a simple cosmetic procedure will leave you smiling, primed for school. Called “otoplasty,” it corrects ear protrusion, drooping, asymmetry, and prominence. Young people find that it bolsters their confidence, with life-changing effects.

The optimal time for otoplasty is during a school break. Here’s what you can expect from this remarkable surgery.


Otoplasty reshapes the outer ear, medically termed the “pinna.” The operation:

  • improves the look of large, distorted, and protruding ears
  • reverses abnormalities present from birth
  • repairs ear injuries
  • restores earlobes that are torn, stretched, and oversized
  • creates visual balance between the ears, face, and head

Frequently, people with unique ears feel embarrassed. Guys may resort to camouflage, such as low-brimmed hats and caps. Gals may avoid wearing earrings and certain hairstyles, such as French braids and ponytails. However, otoplasty frees you from wanting to hide your ears.

The charge it gives to your self-esteem can boost your school performance and social life. It can spark the courage to apply for a job. If you’ve been teased about your ears, otoplasty ends the badgering. Proving its success, here are before and after photos of surgeries done by Peter Abramson, M.D.

2009 UK study assessed the social and psychological outcome of otoplasty performed on kids. Tallying their responses to questionnaires yielded these findings:

  • 97 percent felt happier
  • 92 percent were more confident
  • 79 percent had better social experiences
  • 100 percent were less subject to bullying


Otoplasty remodels ear cartilage, the flexible tissue that forms the pinna. There are three corrective methods:

  • augmentation – rebuilds the pinna
  • reduction – downsizes large ears and lobes
  • pinback – flattens protruding ears

Depending on your desired outcome, otoplasty can involve both ears or just one. The operation is safely done in our surgical center, without requiring hospitalization.


A local anesthetic is applied to the ear, numbing it, so there’s no pain. Mild sedation is an option, keeping you relaxed and calm. Dr. Abramson skillfully marks the ear, the lines guiding his actions.

Then, the doctor makes a small incision behind the ear, in the natural crease where it meets the head. Next, he shapes and relocates the cartilage. To secure the remodeling, the doctor applies permanent internal sutures and closes the operative site with stitches.

Generally, the surgery is completed within two hours. After healing, a thin, white scar may develop. However, since the scar occurs in the natural fold behind the ear, it won’t be noticeable.


Please document all the medications and supplements you take, and bring the list to your consultation. During the two weeks before surgery, avoid taking ibuprofen and any pain medicines formulated with aspirin. If you take supplements that affect clotting, Dr. Abramson will ask that you temporarily stop.

For at least the week before surgery, stay off junk food, and eat nutritiously. A balanced diet expedites healing. To maximize the doctor’s view of the ears, men should obtain a haircut or trim. Hopefully, you don’t smoke, but if you do, otoplasty is a good incentive to quit. Smoking delays the healing process.

The night before otoplasty, don’t drink or eat anything after midnight. On the day of your procedure, please shower and wash your hair. If you’re a woman with long hair, pin up your tresses or braid them, and do not wear makeup.

If you normally wear contact lenses, please leave them out, and use eyeglasses instead. Dress in loose-fitting attire, including a button-down top. Avoid wearing a pullover or restrictive collar, to prevent disturbing the sutures and dressing. Arrange for a responsible adult to drive you home and help with post-op care.


To protect the surgical sites, Dr. Abramson will place a bandage around your head. You may need to wear the wrap for up to a week, the time based on how quickly you heal. Until he takes off the bandage, do not wash your hair or wet the operated area.

After the doctor removes the dressing and stitches, keep the surgical sites clean, to prevent infection. While healing, you may notice ear numbness, tingling, soreness, and stiffness. However, these sensations will gradually dissipate. Typically, ibuprofen minimizes any discomfort. Otherwise, Dr. Abramson can prescribe pain medicine.

For six weeks post-op, wear a loose headband during sleep. The support will release tension on your ears while keeping them stationary. Until healing is complete, it’s best to wear button-down tops with loose collars.

Activity Guidelines

One week post-op, you can return to school! Six weeks after lobe surgery, ears can be pierced, followed by wearing light earrings.

For two months after surgery, do not go swimming. For at least three months, avoid contact sports and activities that could injure your ears, such as football, soccer, basketball, and karate. When resuming sports, apply a headband beforehand. Otherwise, impact to the ear could ruin the surgery.

Stellar Surgeon

For optimal results, you need a surgeon who specializes in outer ear anatomy, such as Peter Abramson, M.D. Board-certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Abramson is Atlanta’s premier cosmetic surgeon.

Along with otoplasty, the doctor performs facelifts, eyelid surgery, forehead lifts, chin enhancement, nasal surgery, and skin resurfacing. Over 15 years, Dr. Abramson has completed thousands of surgeries, with impressive outcomes. The doctor is renowned for his meticulous skill and kind bedside manner.

Additionally, our facility is accredited. This qualification ensures safe procedures, using the most advanced techniques and equipment. Located in Atlanta, GA, Abramson Facial Plastic Surgery welcomes residents from the greater metro area, including the cities of Roswell, Dunwoody, Marietta, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, and Buckhead. To arrange a consultation, call us at (404) 297-1789, or message us here.

Happier You

By getting your makeover before school starts, your studies aren’t affected. There’s just one week of downtime, but your good looks are enduring. Confident in your body image, you’ll be poised for success in your next semester.

Note – The information shared here cannot replace professional medical advice. If you’re curious about cosmetic ear surgery, contact Abramson Facial Plastic Surgery.

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