Reasons Patients Choose Rhinoplasty

Top 5 Reasons patients choose rhinoplasty (nose reshaping):

reasons for rhinoplasty1) to correct asymmetries or depressions in the nose

2) for displaced implants or cartilage grafts that make the nose look bulbous/round

3) to correct nasal obstructions hindering breathing

4) Nose is too large, too small, too long, too wide, flared nostrils etc……

5) nasal tip has drooped…making projection inadequate, out of balance

The nose is the most prominent facial feature and can either enhance other facial features or distort them.  People who choose Rhinoplasty share a common concern about the appearance or function of their nose and desire for overall facial balance.

Dr. Peter Abramson explains why patients most commonly see him for a rhinoplasty surgery:

When a patient comes to see me for rhinoplasty, they usually have been thinking about doing a nose reshaping surgery for a long period of time. Sometimes we get patients that are in their teens, sometimes just out of college, and even many who have already entered into their 40’s and 50’s and have never liked the shape of their nose or have suffered some sort of a traumatic injury, or have had over time an increase in a functional problem with their nose such as breathing that has been caused by the change in the shape of their nose.

Generally, we have a strong practice in Revision Rhinoplasty because many times patients will have had a previous nasal surgery or rhinoplasty, and either can’t breath well or they still don’t like the shape of the outside of their nose, or unfortunately on some occasions the outside and the change in the shape of their nose has become worse than it had been previously.

The rhinoplasty procedure is a very common facial plastic surgery that may include removal of excess bone or cartilage, correction of a deviated septum, reshaping of the exterior, or reconstructive surgery due to trauma. Dr. Abramson can help identify the problems you are facing with your nose, whether they are related to an injury or dissatisfaction with appearance. Call 404-297-1789 today for a personal consultation with Dr. Abramson. Abramson Facial Plastic Surgery treats patients throughout the Metro Atlanta, GA area as well as throughout the United States and abroad.