Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that remedies deformities of the nose. It’s the most sought after cosmetic facial surgical procedure. The procedure includes, among others, removal of excess bone or cartilage, correction of a deviated septum, reshaping of the exterior, or reconstructive surgery due to trauma. Rhinoplasty improves the appearance of the nose, making it harmonize with the rest of the face.

For patients considering Rhinoplasty, the most common of all questions asked is “will it hurt?” Double board-certified plastic surgeon Peter J. Abramson, M.D., at the Facial Plastic Surgery Center in Atlanta, GA., has the answer.

The rhinoplasty procedure itself does not hurt nor will it hurt during recovery. It is performed as an outpatient procedure in Dr. Abramson’s state-of-the-art, AAAHC accredited surgical facility under either general or local anesthesia. Even better, recent technology enhancements provide Dr. Abramson with more control and precision, allowing for even more predictable results and dramatically decreased bruising and pain, along with accelerated recovery!

Many of his patients only require one prescribed pain pill. Some will take none! Patients experience discomfort from the packing for a few days after the surgery. By day three they start feeling better. Pain is not usually a major factor, just discomfort from not being able to breathe normally.

There is some degree of swelling and bruising after the operation. To enhance the healing and recovery period, it’s critical to follow the advice and post-operative care instructions given by Dr. Abramson and his staff.

In the post-operative appointment, the dressing is removed, and the nose is cleaned out. Dr. Abramson and his staff then provide details on how to take care of any crusting that may occur over the following week. The only other treatment required at home is the placing of ice pads over the eyes for several days post-surgery.

Obviously, in every surgical procedure brings some discomfort but, for the most part, rhinoplasty does not hurt.

To learn more, contact Abramson Facial Plastic Surgery for a consultation. Dr. Abramson has performed thousands of rhinoplasty procedures. As an otolaryngologist, it’s his specialty to not only improve the look of the nose but to ensure its’ functionality. Even more so, he is dedicated to making his patients’ aesthetic dreams come true. His office is conveniently located to serve patients in Metro Atlanta, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Brookhaven, Buckhead, and Roswell.

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