Dr. Abramson discusses some complications that can occur with Rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty has many times been referred to as one of the most complex and difficult plastic surgery procedures. From my background in head and neck, and ear, nose and throat surgery, I have a unique advantage of knowing the insides, as well as the outsides, of the nose. In particular, I focus on the interal aspects of the nose where there are many different portions of, and anatomical structures that are important to evaluate and make sure that they are working together in order for the patient to breathe well after surgery.

The septum is one of the most important parts of the inside of the nose. If you think of it as the divider, or the wall between both sides of the nose, that is almost never perfectly straight in any patient, but in many patients it is so deflected or deviated that the airway problems that it creates necessitate there being a procedure to help straighten that out. Even after previous surgeries sometimes, those can be the most challenging as if there’s residual deflection of the septum and continued nasal obstruction, then that also necessitates what we would call a Revision Septoplasty.

There are also structures inside the nose call turbinates. These are structures that look like shingles hanging from the side of the nose. The inferior turbinates are the ones that have quite a bit of function in terms of warming the air, cleaning the air, as well as essentially getting it ready for the lower airway as you breath in. These sometimes become enlarged, in fact sometimes so enlarged that they actually create more obstruction and they’ll need to be reduced. There are many ways to do this and I use one where I hopefully will have the patient postoperatively with minimal recovery, maximal airway, and little to no complications.

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