Dr. Abramson discusses the common question of if the nose is broken during Rhinoplasty.

One of the most common questions we have, when we’re talking to patients about Rhinoplasty is, “will you have to break my nose?” Well, we like to put it into a little more politically correct terms, and that is, that sometimes we do need to make a bony incision that’s underneath the skin. You’ll never see the incision line, and if we don’t review it, you probably wouldn’t know we had to do it.

Now, why do we need to do it in the first place? Well, if we’re taking out a large bump, you can imagine if, let’s say, a tree hit the top of a house and they put a tarp over the house without repairing it, that tarp is going to lay down into any of the crevices the tree made, and you’re going to see that from the outside from the street. Something similar happens with the nose. If you take a bump down, it’s going to leave the nose looking somewhat flat on the top, and you can see the edges of those bones, just like a tarp was laying over it through the skin. So, what we need to do is actually tilt the top of those edges in, to complete the pyramid that is normally seen with the nose, so it looks like the nose just became smaller without any effort.

Sometimes having to make these bony incisions will increase the risk of bruising, which we discuss thoroughly in advance of the surgery. This doesn’t necessarily increase discomfort or pain during the surgery.

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