Dr. Abramson talks about Botox, the well-known injectable used to improve the appearance of wrinkles in the face.

“Here at our practice, we do quite a bit of injectable fillers, as well as something called neuromodulators, otherwise known as Botox. Botox is different than a facial filler, in that it quiets the muscles down, so that they don’t create as many creases. Some of us have been so animated and smile so much that we get nice creases not only between our eyebrows but but beside our eyes and even on our foreheads.

Botox is an excellent tool. It’s been around for many, many years, and has been deemed safe to use for these procedures. I’ve done thousands of these since the late 1990’s and we customize our treatment plan for each patient.

When we place the Botox, we usually will use some topical anesthetic, as well as some ice that seems to help patients either reduce any discomfort that they may have or distract so that they don’t think about it. It’s really a minimally discomforting procedure. Takes approximately 5-10 minutes to accomplish and starts working within 4-7 days after the procedure. Sometimes patients note that it works sooner, sometimes it takes a little bit longer to get the full effect.

There are some contraindications to doing Botox, and we will review these before we treat the patient for the first time. These include some neurologic disorders that are important not to do Botox while the patients have these particular disorders.”

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