Chin Dimpling

Dimpling on ChinDimpling on chin can occur at any age and can become worse as you age. Cobblestone chin, golf ball chin, orange peel chin are some of the funny names used to describe the look. If you have a dimply chin, it’s doubtful that you find any of the descriptions funny!

The chin is one of the most distinguished features on the face. Some smooth, some pointy, the chin centers and balances the face and plays an important role in aesthetics and physical attraction. Chin dimpling can be subtle or appear as a deep upside down “Y” with shaped folds over the center of the chin. Many of Dr. Peter Abramson’s patients tell him that they are self conscious about their dimpled chin. They exclaim that their chin looks like it has cellulite with a bumpy and uneven surface. Thankfully, this cosmetic concern has a simple and effective solution.

Cause of Condition

Just like a bench press or bicep curl, repetitive movements build muscle. The dimples and creases in the chin result for the position of the mentalis muscle on the lower face.They are not stickily caused by aging, but overactive mentalis muscle or genetics can play a role. The mentalis muscle also controls the movement of the lower lip. Whether it’s between the eyebrows or crow’s feet, these enlarged muscles and definition result in dynamic rhytides. fine lines and wrinkles in the skin created from repetitive movement. Because they result from our muscle position, chin clefts and dimples can be considered similar to other lines of motion on your face.

Dimples and creases on the chin can be accentuated by common daily activities such as smiling, talking, frowning. Obviously you can not stop these activities. However, there is a treatment to reduce the dimples.

Treatment for Dimpling Chin

A small amount of neurotoxin can easily relax the muscles in the area, decreasing the muscle and contractions that lead to dimpling. This includes Botox, Zeomin, Dysport and Jeuveau. Softening the chin can be added to the facial rejuvenation strategies, especially for those who already us Botox or dermal fillers. Some patients with deep chin dimples benefit from a combination of a neuromodulator Botox and dermal fillers to reduce the appearance of orange peel skin or dimples on the chin.

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