Dr. Abramson describes how long Botox® usually lasts and explains how he uses a “Botox Map” to customize each treatment.

“Botox® generally will last 3-4 months. It reaches it’s maximal peak of effectiveness at about a month out, and then slowly will gradually go away. I’ve had some patients, who their Botox® lasts 4-6 months. And I’ve had some patients where it goes away quicker. In fact, I’ve had sisters who came in, where we used Botox® on each of them at the same place, and one of them had the Botox® go away at about 2 months and one at about 6 months, and that happened each time.

So, it’s a little bit different for everybody, and what we do at the time we place the Botox is we make a map. We determine how much you need to have, and then we do the treatment, and as we do the treatment, we mark it. And we have a little picture of a face where we place that. Some patients have one eyebrow that’s a little bit lower than the other or may have more creases in one place or another, and that way we know from time to time exactly what we need to do at the next time. It also allows us to make changes, should there be requests after the last treatment to raise an eyebrow a little higher or a little less here or a little more there. And that we discuss with our patients. We have some of these maps for longer than a decade now with some of our patients, and it’s exceedingly helpful to customize the patient’s treatment.”

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