Is there a way to maximize your Botox® results? Dr. Abramson answers.

“So patients many times will ask, what can I do before I have my Botox to maximize my experience, and reduce any postoperative complications?

The primary risk of Botox that we see in our practice has been some bruising. Most of the time it’s exceedingly light and very superficial. Sometimes there will be a vein that creates a bruise that’s a little deeper down. What we have patients do to maximize their outcome, is to reduce any Aspirin or Ibuprofen, which includes the other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as Motrin, approximately 1-2 weeks prior to their scheduled Botox treatment. Also, it’s recommended to not have alcohol the night before you have your Botox treatment. We will also use ice while we have the patient in the procedure chair to also reduce the risk of having bruising.

We also recommend for the patients to wash their face with a little cleanser, either Cetaphil or even Phisohex or your daily cleanser, prior to coming in for your Botox, so that we can maximize your time here and get you back to whatever you were doing quicker.

So we have just a few recommendations for the first 24 hours after Botox. Those include not massaging the area in which the Botox was placed. Also we don’t recommend any heavy exercise just after the Botox and until the next day. The next day, patients can return to their full activity as they would like to. Also, I have had patients in the past schedule massages after their Botox, and as you can imagine, putting your face in a ring to get a massage thereafter is probably not indicated.”

After the Botox we do recommend patients do what we call the Botox exercises. Wherever the Botox was placed, we recommend the patients for 20 times, to either smile, or frown, or raise your eyebrows in order to help that Botox work into where it needs to get to quickly.”

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