Dr. Abramson’s Surgical Center is discussed in detail in this video. He talks about his in-house AAAHC accredited surgical facility:

We do our surgeries at our outpatient center, which is on the top floor of our building. It’s a triple AC certified surgical facility that’s been open for more than a decade. We use anesthesiologists from Northside Hospital. and, as our patients sometimes will do, they like to visit or tour the center prior to having their surgery, or even sometimes meet with the anesthesiologist if they have specific questions that they’d like to ask.

One of the extremely important benefits of using Dr. Abramson’s Surgical Center to perform your facial plastic surgery is being able to utilize the facilities of his own surgery center located within his practice. The surgical center is an AAAHC accredited out-patient surgical facility providing the ultimate in safety, privacy, and comfort during your procedure. The surgical center is staffed by qualified personnel chosen not only for their expertise credentialing, but their caring attitudes as well. Almost all of the rhinoplasties and other facial plastic procedures can be performed in this in-house surgical suite as an out-patient.

Dr. Peter Abramson is devoted to doing only facial procedures such as face-lifts, rhinoplasty, forehead lifts, chin augmentations, ear surgery, and eyelid surgery. He performs almost all of his facial plastic surgeries in his own out-patient surgical suite described above, providing patients with the ultimate comfort and safety during their procedure. His surgical staff is hand-picked for their expertise and credentialing, as well as caring attitudes. Dr. Abramson has over 15 years of experience and has performed thousands of successful facial plastic surgeries. He is well-known for his warm and caring personality and personal attention given to each and every patient.

If you are considering facial plastic surgery such as rhinoplasty, call Abramson Facial Plastic Surgery for a consultation. Dr. Abramson offers computer imaging so you can see what you will look like after surgery. He also provides plenty of before and after pictures on his website. Abramson Facial Plastic Surgery is open Monday through Friday a convenient drive for anyone in the Atlanta Metro area.