The many health and beauty benefits of athletics do not come without the risk of traumatic sports injuries. One of the most common locations for traumatic sports injuries, the face, is vulnerable to injury and often involves the nose. As one of the most prominent facial features, the nose and its appearance can be central in both health and aesthetics.

Nasal fractures

The upper portion of the nose is made of the nasal bone whereas cartilage and soft tissues form the lower portion. Nasal fractures often occur as a separation of the lower nasal cartilage from the upper nasal bone. They can also involve fracture of the nasal bone itself. Regardless of the extent, all nasal fractures can result in visible deformity of the nose. As the swelling subsides in the first few days following a nasal fracture, the extent of nasal deformation becomes visible.
The functional deficits associated with nasal trauma include difficulty in breathing, which can be particularly troubling for athletes. Some of the most apparent deformities caused by nasal sports injuries include deviation of the nasal line as viewed from either the front or side. A side view can be where scar tissue is most apparent. Nasal injuries that involve the nasal bone can heal with a callus of new boney tissue that causes a more or less obvious bump to appear on the upper portion of the nose.

Nasal fracture treatment

In the first few hours following nasal sports injuries or after swelling has subsided, facial specialists can use a non-surgical technique referred to as closed nasal reduction. Nasal sports injuries that are more than two weeks old or were left with some residual deficit following closed reduction, require surgical correction. As many of the athletes experiencing nasal sports injuries are students and young adults, it is important to consider treatment with experts experienced in helping this special patient population with teenage nasal repair.

Experienced facial plastic surgeons, Dr. Peter Abramson and his staff treat both the aesthetic and functional defects caused by sports injuries to the nose. The Abramson Facial Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa is conveniently located to serve patients throughout the Atlanta metro area and across the country. Ask Dr. Peter Abramson about getting back in the game after a nasal sports injury.