Dr. Peter J. Abramson, M.D, a double board-certified surgeon in Atlanta, GA, believes C02 laser treatments are extremely effective. But not all C02 laser treatments are the same. At Abramson Facial Plastic Surgery, treatments are done using a cutting-edge, top-of-the-line equipment called Lumenis UltraPulse, the most powerful and effective laser on the market. Dr. Abramson’s patients are amazed by the results.

A Very Special Laser

Lumenis UltraPulse Laser

The Lumenis UltraPulse, or fractional resurfacing, breaks the treatment area into small entities for better results. This allows more effective skin smoothing and reduces downtime. Patients who suffer from premature aging on the face and neck will benefit from this treatment:

  • Fine wrinkles
  • Skin discoloration
  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Seborrheic keratosis
  • Scarring
  • Large pores

Dr. Abramson can adjust the laser depending on the depth and severity of the skin problems.

Immediate Benefits of Treatment

The Lumenis UltraPulse Laser is a custom rejuvenation treatment like no other. You will see visible benefits after only one treatment:

  • Tighter skin
  • Smaller pores
  • Improved skin texture
  • More even skin tone
  • Diminished wrinkles

Lasting Benefits of Treatment

Since C02 Laser treatment stimulates collagen production, your skin continues to improve for months following treatment. A series of laser treatments will boost and amplify the results of individual treatments, so you can achieve even more youthful and appealing skin.

Lasers Are Perennially Popular

Laser treatments are popular at Abramson Facial Plastic Surgery for several reasons:

  • Visible results after one treatment
  • Non-surgical; local anesthesia
  • Convenient 1 hour appointment
  • Little downtime
  • Safe and effective

Benefits for All Ages

Laser treatments are at the forefront of anti-aging and rejuvenation procedures. Patients of all ages can benefit from lasers which have a proven track record in the world of aesthetics. The Lumenis UltraPulse Laser produces exceptional results; that’s why we refer to it as the ne plus ultra of C02 treatments.

See Why So Many People Choose Dr. Abramson

If you want better-looking skin, call Abramson Facial Plastic Surgery to make an appointment. The best way to have amazing skin is to enlist the help of an amazing doctor. Peter J. Abramson, M.D., a dedicated doctor, will work to make your aesthetic dreams come true. His office is conveniently located to serve patients in Metro Atlanta, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Brookhaven, Buckhead, and Roswell.